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Heart of Darkness

by Joseph Conrad

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Section III Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does the Russian nurse Kurtz through two illnesses?

2. What frightening sight does Marlow see outside Kurtz’s house?

3. Who is with Kurtz when Marlow first sees him?

4. Why does the manager disapprove of Kurtz?

5. Why does the Russian leave Kurtz’s area?

6. Why is Kurtz carried from the forest?

7. Why does Kurtz give Marlow papers before he dies?

8. Explain the irony of where they bury Kurtz.

9. Why do three people visit Marlow when he returns to Europe?

10. What lie does Marlow tell Kurtz’s Intended?

1. The Russian’s admiration and love for Kurtz compels him to nurse Kurtz through two illnesses.

2. Marlow sees heads stuck on poles outside Kurtz’s house.

3. Weak, Kurtz is on a stretcher carried by the natives when Marlow first sees him.

4. The manager disapproves of Kurtz because he believes Kurtz has done more harm than good for the company by his unsound methods.

5. The Russian leaves Kurtz’s area because he fears the manager wants him killed.

6. Kurtz is taken from the forest to a cabin on the boat so he can be rescued and cured.

7. Kurtz gives Marlow a packet of letters to preserve his work and memory.

8. Worshipped in life by the natives, Kurtz is buried in a “muddy hole,” a place of filth and emptiness.

9. Three people visit Marlow in Europe to get Kurtz’s writings.

10. He tells her Kurtz’s last words were her name.

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