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Heart of Darkness

by Joseph Conrad

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Section II Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When he is on the boat, who does Marlow overhear speaking about Kurtz?

2. Why does Marlow compare the jungle to prehistoric times?

3. How does the cannibals’ food affect Marlow?

4. Why does the book Marlow finds in the hut interest him?

5. Why couldn’t the men aboard the boat spend their money for food?

6. Who aboard the boat is killed during the attack?

7. How does Marlow scare the natives during the fight?

8. Why does Marlow throw his shoes overboard?

9. Why does the Russian leave a note on the woodpile?

10. Why did Kurtz write a report?

1. Marlow overhears the manager and his uncle talk of Kurtz.

2. The violence, degradation, and lack of civility in the jungle remind Marlow of prehistoric times.

3. The cannibals’ hippo-meat is rotten, smells, and makes Marlow think of his own hunger.

4. The book in the hut interests Marlow because it reflects a task planned and done well.

5. The men on the boat could not buy food because the manager did not stop, and/or the villages were destroyed.

6. The helmsman dies during the attack.

7. Marlow blows the steam whistle and the natives fear the noise.

8. Marlow throws his shoes overboard because they are soaked with blood from the helmsman’s wounds.

9. The Russian leaves a note to tell someone to hurry and prepare for the coming danger.

10. Kurtz writes a document because he was instructed to chronicle his experience with the savages.

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