Heart Healthy Cooking for All Seasons Summary

Marvin Moser

Heart Healthy Cooking for All Seasons

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The first section of HEART HEALTHY COOKING explains the basic rules that are involved in a healthy eating style. It explains in detail, not length, what the correlation between fat-calorie intake and a persons weight are, what the myths and facts of cholesterol are, and what heart disease is. It is very informative with plenty of sidebars and tables for better understanding and quick reference. Especially noteworthy are the sidebars “Sample Calorie Targets for Losing Weight” and “How to Figure Fat Intake.” Dr. Moser advocates moderation in all things and recommends counting calories on a weekly basis rather than a daily one. It is much easier to meet a weekly goal of 14,000 calories than a daily goal of 2,000 calories. The methods for reducing caloric intake are very sensible and easily followed.

The second section of this book is made up of recipes. The award-winning chefs—Larry Forgione of An American Place in New York City, Jimmy Schmidt of The Rattlesnake Club in Detroit, and Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in Berkeley—all believe that the best and most flavorful foods are those that are in season, giving rise to the book’s title. It is split into four subsections, one for each season, with recipes for three to nine meals each for breakfast, lunch and salads, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. The recipes are easy to follow, and each recipe has an informative breakdown of the “Nutritional Analysis per serving.”

The recipes go from the simple “Sweet Corn Porridge” to the lavish “Chilled Oysters with a Cucumber-Mint Sauce.” Some unusual ingredients are required, such as rosemary oil and quinoa (a South American grain). If extravagant eating makes readers feel like they are getting away something they should try “Game Hens with Country Ham and Greens Stuffing and Bourbon Glaze,” and the intriguingly named “Munchkin Pumpkin with Chanterelles and Lobster in a Light Curry Broth.” Other delicious recipes include “Little Multicolored Pepper Pizzas,” “Pasta with Grilled Salmon and Garlic Broccoli,” and “Warm Apple and Blueberry Compote with Granola and Yogurt.”

The last part of the book contains two weeks of sample menus to get readers going on the right track, plus a useful appendix on calculating one’s personal risk for heart disease.