Heart of Aztlán

by Rudolfo Anaya

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Was Jason part of the outing to the Golodrinas in Heart of Aztlán?

Quick answer:

It’s probably safe to say that Jason went with his friends to las Golondrinas. There doesn’t appear to be explicit confirmation, but based on Jason’s leadership role in the group, it’s reasonable to think that if his group chooses to do something, he’d join. Chelo does not go to las Golondrinas. The narrator makes that explicit, which suggests that if Jason didn’t go, the narrator would have made Jason’s absence more obvious.

Expert Answers

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In chapter four, Jason and his friends are resting on the grass near the Coronado School. They are tired. They just got done playing basketball.

Jason notices the twins are talking to one another. He asks Dickie what they’re talking about. Dickie says that the twins are considering a late-night trip to las Golondrinas.

That seems to get the gang talking about las Golondrinas. The boys seem to be contemplating visiting the place in order to have sex. The boys discuss the kind of women there. The women are portrayed as “big and fat” with “hips as wide as the church doors” and “titties bigger than watermelons.”

The objectionable characterization don't seem to get in the way of their plans. They all agree to go.

However, Chelo doesn’t want to go. He says, “Not me.”

Jason doesn’t speak up, which suggests that Jason was a part of the outing to las Golondrinas. There doesn’t appear to be explicit evidence that he went along. Yet there doesn't seem to be clear evidence that he didn’t go along.

Based on how the narrator handled Chelo, if Jason didn’t go, it would be reasonable to expect that the narrator would have clearly told us so.

I think it’s also safe to say that Jason went along because of Jason’s own role within the gang. He’s something like a leader. If most of the members of the gang were doing something, Jason’s prominent role would indicate that he would go along as well.

For evidence of Jason’s leadership role, check out the scene in which Dickie begins to make fun of Willie’s family and Jason firmly tells Dickie, “Cut it out, man.”

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