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Based on healthcare management, what are the steps and processes to organizing data once collected?

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The management of data connected with the field of health care could involve any of a wide variety of types of information, collected from numerous sources, to be used in multiple combinations for differing reasons by different groups. All of these variables make it difficult to give specific "steps and processes."

Before collecting any data, persons or organizations obtaining that data should verify the end uses for which the data is intended. Information about administration of vaccinations will be used differently by health care providers submitting reports to state Public Health departments than by media reporting on absence trends in schools, for example. Data should be categorized and presented so as to facilitate application for the purposes intended.

Consideration of privacy issues must also be of paramount importance. Data should be presented so as to protect the rights of patients, which could impact the ways in which it is arranged or publicized.

Data that has been collected for billing purposes will require coding and may be reviewed by insurance, medical facilities, or other concerns for assessment of medical need, appropriate administration of services, effectiveness of treatment, or many other possiblities. The intended uses of the data will shape the ways in which it should be organized.

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