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Last Updated on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 171

Family heritage is one major them of The Hazel Wood. The novel follows seventeen year old Alice, who has to find her mother by venturing into a supernatural world, Hinterland, where the stories written by her grandmother are set. Alice and her mother have been on the road trying to run from their bad luck (another sub theme) and their family legacy, which is seemingly dark and terrible. Alice's grandmother, a famous author, passes away but leaves behind an estate and memory of an elusive dark fairy tale she created—a dark fairy tale world that Alice's mother is kidnapped and taken to. After all their time spent on the road, Alice's mother's kidnapping alludes to their history of bad luck. During Alice's journey into this other world, she uncovers mysteries about her family heritage and gains more information on the origins of her grandmother's tale. Alice's adventure into the Hinterland and recovery of her mother displays a mixture of heroism and courage as she digs into familial and personal truth.