Chapter 7 Summary

Dumping liquor bottles over the side of the boat, Harry Morgan hears the sound of a motor. He looks up and sees a boat coming down the channel. He warns Wesley, who still refuses to help. Morgan drops the full sack of bottles into the water. He reaches for the sack on which Wesley is resting and dumps that too. Wesley sits up and notices that the approaching boat is piloted by Captain Willie, a charter boat captain, with a party of fishermen. Captain Willie greets Morgan and passes by but intends to turn around and return. Morgan covers up Wesley. He tells Wesley that Captain Willie will tell the people in town where they are, but the fishermen do not care about them. Feeling shaky, Morgan sits down in a chair, holding his injured arm. He can feel the broken ends of the bones in his upper arm grating as he shakes.

The boat returns and Captain Willie sees the broken windshield of Morgan’s boat; he can guess where Morgan has been. He tells his fishermen clients that Morgan does a little of everything. He had called him “Harry,” which was noticed by one of the fishermen. Captain Willie denies it, trying to protect Morgan. The fishermen notice that Morgan is wounded and points this out to Captain Willie. The Captain still denies knowledge of Morgan, though his clients tell him to write down the registration numbers. One of the fishermen wants to go over and help Morgan, but Captain Willie says it is none of their business. Another man identifies the fisherman as Frederick Harrison, who is a big man in the government and is likely to be governor-general soon. Harrison realizes that Morgan is a bootleg runner and commands the captain to take them over to the boat. Captain Willie replies that Morgan is a family man with a wife and children to feed.

The Captain finally submits and pilots his boat close to Morgan’s. The fishermen are getting excited about this adventure. Frederick Harrison is proud of himself for “capturing” a bootlegger single-handed and without any weapons. His colleagues are also impressed. The captain tells Morgan and Wesley to keep their heads down and warns them that there is a government agent on the boat. He tells Morgan to get back to town while he keeps Harrison and his party out fishing until dark. Harrison tells Captain Willie to take the boat back to Key West, but the Captain tells him that he was chartered for an entire day, so he will stay out an entire day.