Chapter 4 Summary

Harry Morgan sits in the boat with Eddy as the darkness envelops them. Only the lights from the Morro lighthouse and the lights of Havana are glowing. The boat drifts, but Morgan keeps track of where they are. Eddy is worried and cannot eat. Morgan tells him to go ahead and have a drink; he can see Eddy is getting the shakes. Morgan will administer the alcohol at intervals as if it is medication because Eddy has no courage if he does not have alcohol in him.

Morgan explains to Eddy that they are going to Bacuranao to pick up twelve Chinese people. Eddy takes the wheel for a while. Later he asks Morgan for another drink, but Morgan refuses. He wants Eddy brave but not useless. Eddy insists that he is a good man, but Morgan tells him he is a “rummy” (alcoholic). He tells Eddy that one of the Chinese will give him money. When Eddy sees this happening, he is to take the boat out to sea and not pay attention to what Morgan does next. If any of the Chinese makes a move against the two of them, Eddy is to shoot him. Eddy says he had better have another drink if he is to do this, so Morgan gives him three more.

As Morgan moves the boat close in to the coast, he sees a boat coming toward them. Mr. Sing and six other Chinese are on board. Mr. Sing hands Morgan the roll of money; Morgan examines it closely. Eddy begins to tremble, so Morgan tells him to have another drink. The Chinese board the boat and Eddy shows them forward. Mr. Sing says he will return soon with the others. Morgan and Eddy drink until Mr. Sing returns with the others. Six more Chinese climb on board. Eddy shows them forward to the cabin and locks them in with the others.

Morgan demands the rest of the money from Mr. Sing. As Mr. Sing hands him the money, Morgan grabs his wrist with one hand and his throat with the other. Eddy moves the boat forward. Morgan twists Mr. Sing’s arm behind him and feels it snap. Mr. Sing manages to bite Morgan’s shoulder. Morgan grabs Mr. Sing’s throat with both hands and breaks his neck. Morgan lays him out on the deck and picks up the money. He takes the wheel and tells Eddy to find some iron to use for anchoring, but Eddy is afraid of going near Mr. Sing’s body. Morgan finds the iron and ties it onto Mr. Sing’s ankles and slides him over the side.

Morgan brings the boat close to the Cuban shore. He orders the twelve Chinese out of the cabin and into the water to make their way to the beach as best they can. Morgan heads the boat out across the sea to Key West.