Chapter 3 Summary

Harry Morgan heads his boat down the channel to the open sea; he passes a British freighter loaded with sugar. Out in the harbor he lays the course for Key West, his home and declared destination. Havana disappears slowly behind him. When all other boats and the coastline have been left behind, he cuts the motor and lets the boat drift. He looks around but sees nothing but some distant boats and the dome of the Capitol in Havana. He realizes again how much open water there is between Cuba and the Florida Keys.

Morgan goes down into the cockpit and discovers Eddy, who had crawled aboard and gone to sleep. He has two quarts of rum with him, which he bought right before he came on the boat. He had awakened when Morgan first started out but went back to sleep. When Morgan stopped the boat, Eddy woke up. Morgan is furious. He contemplates making Eddy jump overboard and tells him so. Eddy assures him that he is a good man and will keep his mouth shut, though Morgan doubts he will be able to once he gets some liquor in him. He takes the rum away from him.

Morgan feels sorry for Eddy but is still angry. Eddy asks what the matter with the engine is, but Morgan assures him there is nothing wrong. Morgan tells Eddy he is in serious trouble. When Eddy asks what kind of trouble, Morgan says that he is not sure yet but just that he’s in trouble. They sit awhile, and Morgan does not feel like talking anymore. He goes below to check on the guns in the cabin. He hangs them up in their cases beside the fishing rods. He loads the Winchester, then he cleans and fills up the Smith and Wesson thirty-eight special and places it in his belt.

Eddy again asks him what the matter is. Morgan says, “Nothing.” Eddy asks why he needs all the guns, and Morgan tells him he always carries them on board to shoot at birds that bother the bait or to shoot sharks. Eddy continues to badger him, but Morgan does not give him any information. He realizes after all that he is going to need Eddy’s help. He tells him they have a job to do, and he will give him more information when it is time. He knows Eddy will start worrying if he knows too much and would then not be any use. Eddy assures him of his willingness to help. He then asks for a drink because he is getting “the shakes.” Morgan gives him one, and the two men sit and wait for darkness.