Chapter 25 Summary

Harry Morgan is unconscious when the Coast Guard cutter reaches the pier. He is carried by stretcher to the ambulance. The Guardsmen report that he has either been delirious or unconscious most of the time, and so has given no information about what occurred. The sheriff asks for a floodlight to be brought down to Freddy’s boat so an investigation can be made immediately. The sheriff asks the Guardsmen where they found the money and the men. The captain states that they had closed the sacks once they had seen the money. They moved two of the dead bodies to prevent them from rolling overboard, and they also moved Morgan to a bunk. The captain warns the sheriff not to light a match, because the area is soaked in gasoline.

The sheriff decides to seal the bags of money for the bank examiner to investigate. He observes the bloating bodies and the empty gun casings. He asks about Albert Tracy, but the Coast Guard does not know his location. They examine the bodies more closely, inspecting their wounds. The sheriff identifies the murderer of Robert Simmons (“Bee-lips”) during the robbery.

As they discuss the situation, Albert’s wife arrives, screaming, accompanied by two other women. A crowd has also slipped through the open gate. The sheriff, angry, orders the bodies to be covered. The women ask where Albert is, but the sheriff explains that he is not on board. Mrs. Tracy continues to scream. Two Cubans also arrive and shove their way forward, pushing Mrs. Tracy into the water. The two Coast Guard men dive into the water to rescue her. She has lost her false teeth, but still continues to scream for Albert. The crowd is disappointed it could see only Mrs. Tracy being pushed into the water and the covered-up bodies.

At the hospital, Marie Morgan and her daughters wait for news of Harry. The girls discuss their father’s wound. The doctor arrives with the news that Harry has gone into surgery. Marie asks to see him, but he is still in the operating room. She decides to take the girls home and then return. She does not tell the girls that their father is likely dead. As they leave, Marie sees a man walking unsteadily ahead of them, probably drunk. It is Richard Gordon heading for home. When Marie returns to the hospital, she learns that Harry did not survive surgery. The doctor assures Marie that Harry did not suffer. When Marie goes in to see him, she cries and tells the doctor to look at Harry’s face.