Chapter 11 Summary

At nine thirty, Bee-lips arrives at Freddy’s café. He has obviously been drinking a lot: alcohol always makes him cocky, and he came in extremely cocky. He confronts Harry Morgan, continually calling him “big shot,” which Harry resents. Bee-lips wants to talk to Harry back at his office. There is no one there because there has been a law passed that prevents young women from going out after six o’clock. Freddy asks him how long that law will last. Bee-lips suggests that Freddy retain his legal services to do something about it, but Freddy declines.

Back at the office, Bee-lips tells Harry that the Cubans want to charter the boat for the night in two days. Harry asks what the Cubans intend to do. Bee-lips points out that Harry should know because he speaks Spanish and understood them when they told their plans. Harry wants to make sure Bee-lips did not tell them that because this secret would be to his advantage. Bee-lips says he is doing this business simply because he needs money to get out of Key West. He asks Harry if he knows that the Cubans have been financing their revolution with kidnapping and other crimes. It is all for a good cause, says Bee-lips. He accuses Harry of cowardice, but Harry says that he has to keep the appearance of being “clean” because he intends to keep on living there. Bee-lips, however, is trying to get out.

Bee-lips asks when Harry intends to get the boat out. Harry replies that he will do it that night and that Bee-lips will help him. When Bee-lips asks where he will put the boat, Harry simply says that he will put it where he always puts it.

Getting the boat is as simple as Harry thought it would be. The watchman has already made his rounds, so Bee-lips and Harry can come in the bay in a skiff, cut the boat loose when the tide is ebbing, and the boat will float out to sea by itself. Harry checks the gas and the motors. Reconnecting the distributor is the only repair he has to make, and all is ready. He fills it up with gas and intends to bring extra just in case. He will put the boat at the Porter Dock, and Bee-lips will bring the Cubans out in a speed boat. Bee-lips will meet him and pick him up to take him back to the boat. The plans are all made to commence in two hours. Harry wonders how much money Bee-lips thinks he is going to get out of this.