The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

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What was the grand jury's decision on Officer Brian Cruise Jr. in The Hate U Give?

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In The Hate U Give, the grand jury's decision regarding Officer Brian Cruise Jr. is not to indict him on any charges. This decision comes after an internal review by the police department and despite protests and civil unrest following the shooting death of Khalil, a black teenager whom Officer Cruise killed during a traffic stop.

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The Hate U Give is a story about racism, love, and injustice. Starr Carter, a teenage black girl who studies at Williamson Prep (an exclusive school with a student body that is almost entirely white), attends a party. She chats with Khalil, a close friend. She and Khalil leave the party when it becomes violent. While they are riding in the car, police Officer Brian Cruise pulls them over. The situation turns deadly when Officer Brian Cruise shoots Khalil three times, killing him. Brian claims he believed that the hairbrush which Khalil was holding was a gun, so he shot at Khalil, and Khalil died. After conducting an internal review of the case, the police department decides not to charge Brian with any crimes based on the evidence available and Starr's witness statement. Eventually, after protests and civil unrest surrounding the incident, a grand jury is convened to determine whether Brian will be indicted. The grand jury decides not to indict Office Brian Cruise on any charges.

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