The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

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How do Star and Chris overcome race issues in The Hate U Give?

Expert Answers

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Chris and Starr have to overcome the tensions that racial issues create in their relationship by standing up for each other and working to overcome prejudices they encounter.

When Maverick realizes Starr is dating a white boy, he's angry enough that Starr's mother has to drag him outside to let him rant. From the house, they can hear her telling him to get over the fact that Chris is white. He clearly expected Starr to choose to date a black person and reject Chris on the very basis of his skin tone.

Later, when Maverick and Starr talk, she realizes that his real fear is that he created a poor example of black men for her. He believes that might be why she's choosing to date a white person. She tells him that he's wrong; he's a great example of a man—no matter his skin tone. By standing up for Chris with her father and getting to the root of the problem, she's able to help her relationship move forward with the love and acceptance of her family.

Chris and Starr can also overcome those issues when they arise from internal doubts. When they're laying together at his house, Starr tells Chris that he shouldn't be with her. People always take a moment to realize they're a couple because they appear different. He tells her that she's wrong and that she's beautiful, amazing, and he wants to be with her. That kind of reassurance is another tool that they can move their relationship forward in a healthy way.

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