The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

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From Starr and Chris's perspectives in The Hate U Give, do we have moral responsibilities in romantic relationships considering factors like race, money, and mortality?

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We always have a moral responsibility in our relationships, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't enter a relationship with someone that doesn't share our race, economic status, or circumstances. It means that we need to be aware of things like power dynamics and sensitive to cultural and situational issues that we might not understand.

Chris and Starr come from different racial and economic backgrounds, and this becomes more clear after Khalil is killed by the police. Starr has hidden a lot of her background from Chris; she doesn't want him to know about the place her family lives. However, this becomes more difficult when she begins to notice how differently she's treated because of her race. When Chris realizes that she's actually the anonymous witness, she finally tells him the truth about everything.

The true moral responsibility that's required is to listen respectfully and hear what the other person is saying and what they need. Chris has to listen to the truth about Starr's life and experiences and believe her words. If he had decided to speak over her or talk down to her, it would have been a failure of his moral responsibility to his partner that he cares about and loves. He takes action from the moment he knows the truth to help support her in ways that she needs and finds acceptable, which is also a very moral action.

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