The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

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Chapters 16–18 Summary and Analysis

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Chapter 16 

Five weeks later, Starr is going to give a news interview at a hotel, a week before she testifies. She is vaguely worried about not having a prom dress, as her mother has insisted she will go to prom.

Meanwhile, Chris and DeVante have become friends, regularly playing video games together.

At the hotel, Star is interviewed by Diane Carey. As part of the interview, Starr is asked whether Khalil sold drugs; Starr says that he did, but only because his mother was a drug addict and he wanted to help her out of her situation. She says Khalil wasn't a gang member and then gives an account of the evening, saying Khalil’s last words were "Starr, are you okay?" She adds that the officer pointed his gun at her.

Carey asks what Starr would say to One-Fifteen if he were there. Starr says she would ask him if he wished he had shot her, too.

Chapter 17

The response to the interview is enormous, with a millionaire volunteering to pay Starr's college tuition. However, King is not happy.

On the way to prom, Chris is moody and silent. When they arrive at the venue, he walks away from her. Maya comes over, however, and tells Starr she brought up the issue of racism with Hailey, who is now not speaking to either of them. Maya and Starr dance together.

When Chris comes back over, asking if Starr wants to take a photo with him, they argue; Starr says she won't take a photo with someone who doesn't want to be there with her. She leaves the venue and gets into a waiting car. Chris admits that he saw Starr’s interview and is upset because Starr didn't tell him she was the witness. He's hurt that she didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth.

Starr explains that she can't share this information at school, because people would think of her as just someone from Garden Heights. Chris says she needs to let him in; not everyone, but him. Starr relents, telling Chris about the drive-by shooting of Natasha and then admitting that she felt guilty for not being there for Khalil anymore.

The pair forgive each other and return to the prom, and after that, the night is wonderful.

Chapter 18 

Lisa and Maverick drive their children to an unfamiliar, nice neighborhood to show them a house they are in the process of buying. Lisa has the new job, and they will rent out their house in Garden Heights. They'll move at the end of the school year. 

Seven says that he isn't going away to college but will go to the local community college so he can look after his sisters. However, Maverick tells him it isn't his job to look after them and that he can choose any college he likes.

The family are watching television together when gunshots ring out and glass shatters. Maverick shoots through the window at the assailants. A brick has been thrown through the front window.

Maverick calls Carlos, who quickly arrives and wonders whether this was done by King. Starr suggests it might have been the cops and says she isn't going to testify, but Maverick reminds her of the Black Panthers' Ten Point Program and says they need an end to police brutality, which means she needs to tell the truth.

Maverick has asked a group of local King Lords, whom he knows from his time in the gang, to guard his house. Carlos is appalled by this, and the pair have an argument. Carlos tells Maverick...

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that he looked after the children when Maverick was in prison and that he won't work with criminals.


This is a pivotal section in the novel, as it marks the change in Starr that occurs after her conversation with Chris and her decision to speak out for her community. Her relationship with Chris changes further, with the interactions between Chris and DeVante serving as evidence of the fact that Chris is genuinely committed to his girlfriend and wants to be part of her life. The two are not incompatible, and Starr does not need to lead a secret life with Chris. Hand in hand with this realization comes Starr's newfound conviction that she can tell the truth in public and refuse to feel shame about it. She does this on television, speaking out about what genuinely happened to Khalil and feeling empowered by doing so. Significant change is also offered for the Carter family, as it is revealed that they will soon be leaving Garden Heights. However, the difficulties faced by the family in their final months in the neighborhood serve as a reminder that, even when better things are promised, past difficulties haunt the lives of Black men like Maverick, who have been involved with drug-runners in the past. The Carter family are left wondering whether it will really be possible to escape the King Lords gang without also colluding with them.


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