Why did Brian think the searchers wouldn't find him immediately in Hatchet?

Expert Answers

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In Hatchet, a thirteen-year-old named Brian is stranded on an island and has to learn to fend for himself. After a while in the woods, Brian hears a plane and assumes that it's the searchers he's been waiting for. Brian first worries that the searchers might not find him because he took a little while to realize that a plane was coming, as he was absorbed in trying to make a bow. He rushes to the top of a cliff and begins to build a fire. Despite his fire, the plane turns and goes a different direction. This makes Brian fear that he had not been seen or that people simply wouldn't come. This is very upsetting, especially because Brian let himself fully imagine and feel the idea of being rescued. Brian has a breakdown and becomes very upset that the plane didn't come to rescue him.

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