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In Hatchet, where is Brian Robeson going when his plane crashes?

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In the novel Hatchet, the protagonist, Brian, is traveling via plane from his mother's home in Hampton, New York, to visit his father in the oil fields of Canada. Brian's parents are recently divorced, within the last month at the opening of the story. The custodial arrangement has determined that Brian should spend the school year with his mother, and the summers with his father in Canada.

The story does not specify the exact location of the crash, nor the exact spot where Brian spends the next 54 days; this heightens the sense of Brian's isolation and emphasizes how cut off he is from everyone and everywhere familiar to him.

In the story, the experience of being stranded, injured, and ultimately surviving transforms Brian. This is the first novel in a series of five books by Gary Paulsen relating Brian's saga.

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