Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 5 Summary

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 5 Summary

The Order of the Phoenix

Sirius Black’s parents owned number twelve Grimmauld Place. Now that both of Sirius’ parents are dead, Sirius owns the house, which is now the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. It is obvious to Harry that Sirius feels cooped up in the house as well as quite useless to the Order.

In fact, Dumbledore suspects that Voldemort has figured out that Sirius is an Animagus, so Sirius can no longer turn into his black dog form and remain safe. Sirius’ only use right now (aside from offering the actual house as a headquarters) is to clean the place up for the Order of the Phoenix. This, of course, is a thankless job. Sirius admits that he would enjoy a dementor attack because...

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