Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 30 Summary

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 30 Summary


Fred’s and George’s swamp remains in the Hogwarts corridor and gives the twins a certain kind of infamy within the school. Many students seem to be turning against Umbridge by following the Weasley twins’ lead. Even the teachers seem to turn a deaf ear to Professor Umbridge's complaints. Further, because Hermione is worried about where Fred and George got the money for their new joke shop, Harry finally tells his friends that he gave the twins his Triwizard Tournament money.

Just as Hermione and Harry are about to settle in to watch the last Quidditch game and cheer on a slightly more confident Ron, Hagrid appears and insists that they accompany him to the Forbidden Forest. Hermione and Harry go with Hagrid, who insists that he is going to be fired and that he needs someone to look after his charge.

The being that Hagrid wants Harry and his friends to look after is Hagrid’s half-brother, Grawp: a giant. Grawp is rough and violent, not only with Hagrid (who has so many bruises and lacerations as a result of Grawp’s care) but also with his surroundings.

Hermione and Harry wonder what they are to do with a being like this if Hagrid leaves. Hagrid simply wants Grawp to continue to have company. Both Harry and Hermione promise to keep Grawp company if Hagrid is fired.

Unfortunately, the meeting with Grawp ends with Grawp trying to grab Hermione and with Hagrid having a confrontation with the now-irate centaurs of the forest. The centaurs verbally spar with each other about what to do with Hagrid and Harry and Hermione. Some consider the murder of “foals” to be quite foul while still others think they would be a fitting sacrifice for Firenze’s betrayal. Hagrid warns Harry and Hermione that the forest won’t be safe for them if they meet the centaurs.

Harry and Hermione return to the Quidditch Match to discover that Ron has been an outstanding Keeper and helped Gryffindor not only win the game but the Quidditch Cup for the year as well.

Ron is elated and being hoisted on the backs of his teammates shoulders. This time when they hear the song “Weasley is Our King,” it is in praise of Ron. As a result of Ron’s moment of glory, both Harry and Hermione wait to tell Ron about Hagrid’s half-brother hidden in the Forbidden Forest.