Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 19 Summary

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 19 Summary

The Lion and the Serpent

Harry is thrilled because “he and the DA were resisting [Umbridge] under her very nose, doing the very thing that the Ministry most feared.” This allows Harry to resist outbursts and avoid detentions.

In addition, Hermione has devised an absolutely ingenious way of letting members of the DA know when the next meeting will be: she magically inscribes fake Wizard coins (one for each person) with changing numbers.

Suddenly, the focus turns to Quidditch as the first match of the season is coming up soon. Ron is not doing very well at his new role as Keeper because he has no self confidence. Every mistake seems to make Ron get worse in his role. Slytherin House isn’t helping matters by realizing Ron’s weakness and taunting him continually.

The day of the first match reveals some interesting attire worn by the Hogwarts students. Luna Lovegood obviously is supporting Gryffindor by wearing a large lion hat that really roars. It’s the Slytherin attire that bothers the Gryffindors the most: They are wearing badges that read “Weasley is our King” and they accompany these badges with a horrible song that further taunts Ron Weasley.

As a result of the Slytherin distraction (among other things), Ron plays horribly during the first match. Harry is determined not to let Ron’s lack of confidence ruin the Gryffindor chances this season and, even though he is distracted, Harry catches the snitch just as one of the Slytherins slams a Bludger into Harry. Because Harry has caught the snitch, Gryffindor wins the match.

When Malfoy insults Ron’s mom and dad with an intensity that cannot be denied, Harry is unable to stand it any longer and lunges at Malfoy. Professor Umbridge arrives just in time to inform Professor McGonagall that they are now allowed to take privileges away from unruly Hogwarts students.

Professor Umbridge then bans Harry Potter from Quidditch for life: the biggest blow to Harry yet. Umbridge is sure to ban George Weasley as well as he also was involved in the fight with Malfoy.

Back in the Gryffindor Common Room, Ron and Harry feel utterly depressed about what is going on in Quidditch. Harry is upset at his lifetime ban, and Ron feels he can never make it up to his team. Hermione, trying to cheer the two of them up, tells them something they have been hoping to hear for some time: Hagrid is back at Hogwarts.