Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 16 Summary

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 16 Summary

In the Hog's Head

Harry Potter finally agrees to the idea of teaching Hogwarts students practical Defense Against the Dark Arts skills; however, he doesn’t think that anyone at Hogwarts will want to be taught by him. Furthermore, Harry is worried that Sirius might show up in his Animagus form at Hogsmeade even though he has been warned not to do so. 

Hermione has set up a meeting for anyone who is interested in Harry Potter’s Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons to come to the Hog's Head pub in Hogsmeade on the first Hogsmeade weekend for Hogwarts students. Harry is completely surprised at how many of his fellow students show up to show their interest.

Except for the skeptics (like a student named Zacharias Smith), everyone seems intent on learning from Harry. They also are interested in hearing Harry’s side of the story about what happened during the Triwizard Tournament last year and the real happenings behind Cedric Diggory’s death during that tournament. Even though Harry is a bit disgruntled about having to tell his story to a bunch of gaping students who may or may not believe him, he tells them anyway and gains quite a few converts as a result. 

All of the students are impressed that Harry can produce a Patronus; therefore, the group is ready to start “classes.” However, the group can’t figure out where or when to meet. They get tied up with worrying about conflicts during Quidditch practice and the fact that they can’t allow any of the professors (especially Umbridge) to find out what they are doing. 

They agree to disband without finding a time and a place but with a promise from Hermione that she will send them all the message somehow. Hermione also makes everyone sign something saying that they are now part of this group and that they promise not to tell anyone what the group’s true purpose is.

As the students begin straggling out of the Hog's Head meeting, the talk turns to dating. Ron is upset with Ginny for not telling him that she is dating Michael Corner. Hermione tells Ron that his irate reaction is exactly why Ginny doesn’t let Ron in on that inside information: Ron gets too upset about it. Ron also thinks that Ginny truly likes Harry (and always has). Also, Hermione admits to Harry that Cho Chang kept her eyes locked on Harry during the meeting. This is something that truly lifts Harry’s spirits.