Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter Summaries

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 1 Summary

Dudley Demented

Harry Potter lies underneath the window on the ground outside of his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon’s house on Privet Drive. He is trying desperately to listen to the news to hear anything about Lord Voldemort’s return.

The reason that he is outside is because the Dursleys have figured out why Harry is listening and have forbidden him to do so. Therefore, Harry has to do so in secret. Harry figures that if a powerful wizard like Lord Voldemort is truly wreaking havoc, then even the Muggle news would report at least something suspicious. Fortunately, there is nothing new or strange on the news, and so Harry continues to remain in the dark about his worst enemy.

When Harry hears a sound from the road (one that often means a wizard has apparated), he draws his wand, only to be grabbed by Uncle Veron and chided, yet again, for attempting to use magic.

Harry is beside himself with anger. Not only are his relatives abusing him, but his friends have neglected him all summer. Harry is truly in the dark on the subject of Voldemort. Harry breaks free of Uncle Vernon’s grasp and escapes into the neighborhood.

Soon Harry sees Dudley and a group of bullies that make up Dudley’s friends. When Dudley insults Cedric (whom Harry saw die at the hands of Voldemort during the Triwizard Tournament in the previous book), Harry cannot take it anymore. However, just as Harry pulls out his wand, a dementor appears to suck the happiness out of the entire area and make everyone feel cold.

The dementor swoops in on Dudley. However, before the dementor is able to perform “the kiss” that will suck out Dudley’s soul, Harry draws his wand, yells “EXPECTO PATRONUM,” and produces a Patronus Charm. Of course, Harry’s Patronus (a silver stag) “erupt(s) from the tip of Harry’s wand” and shoes the dementor away before it can kill Dudley.

Harry stands there feeling shocked that a dementor possibly could be on Privet Drive. Dementors are supposed to guard the wizarding prison called Azkaban.

The Dementor attack has a severe effect on Dudley, who is delirious. Harry is just about to put his wand away and figure out how to get the “demented” Dudley back home when the strange neighbor named Mrs. Figg comes running.