Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Additional Summary

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 1 Summary

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series, begins with a vivid description of the Riddle House, a creepy and derelict old manor home in Little Hangleton. Supposedly, fifty years ago on a summer morning, the maid found all three Riddle family members dead with their eyes wide open. It is not long before the villagers begin talking about how rich and snooty the Riddles were, never wanting to “mix” with other than their own class. Although a man named Frank Bryce was arrested for the crime, rumor had it that a pale, dark-haired, teenage boy was seen near the Riddle home before the murders. Bryce was acquitted when the bodies were examined and the victims were found to be in perfect health...except that they were dead. No cause of death could be found: they simply had looks of terror on their faces. Bryce, who was the caretaker for the grounds of the Riddle home, returned promptly to his cottage on the premises, surprising everyone.

Frank lives there still, fifty years later. One evening Frank notices a light in the Riddle manor window. Thinking it is a teenage prank, Frank goes over to investigate. Frank finds the perpetrators, notices the fire is tinged green, and begins to listen to their conversation. Two men are speaking; one is named “Wormtail,” and the other has a strange, cold voice. They speak of “milking Nagini” and waiting for the “Quidditch World Cup” to be over before taking action. Wormtail tries to exhibit his loyalty, but he is terrified of the other man in the room, one who speaks in a hiss about murder and other serious crimes (including a planned murder at Hogwarts). Just as Frank decides to go to the police, Nagini (an enormous snake) slithers past him into the room and reveals Frank’s presence. Lord Voldemort reveals himself to Frank before finishing him off in a flash of green light.

Chapter 2 Summary

Harry awakens holding the scar on his forehead because it is burning with pain. Harry received this lightning-shaped scar when Voldemort tried to kill Harry as a baby. Harry tries to remember the dream he was having (which was the scene at the end of the first chapter), but he can only remember vague details. He does realize, though, that the inhabitants of his dream were planning his death. Harry is disturbed by the vivid vision in his dream. Although he is safe this summer at the dreadful home of his aunt, uncle, and cousin (the Dursleys) on Privet Drive, Harry worries that the pain in his forehead might mean that Voldemort is near.

Harry then recalls the tragic past of his wizarding family. His parents were killed by Lord Voldemort, who had tried to kill Harry as well, but the love of Harry’s mother caused the spell to backfire. Harry is now doomed to summers at the Dursleys in between glorious years of schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry considers telling his friends about his hurting scar, but Harry avidly guesses their reactions: Ron would immediately start worrying that Voldemort would strike imminently, while Hermione would demand that Harry take the information straight to Dumbledore (the headmaster of Hogwarts). Considering his options, Harry finally decides to write Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather, who is currently banished from the wizarding world for a crime he did not commit.

Chapter 3 Summary

Back at Privet Drive, Dudley is placed on a diet because of his extreme size. Harry, forced to eat the same diet food as Dudley all summer, asks his friends for help. Harry ends up gorging on hidden snacks that covertly arrive from his Hogwarts friends. Even Hagrid, the groundskeeper at Hogwarts, sends some cookies. The most exciting snacks that Harry receives are large birthday cakes in honor of his special day. These (as well as the other copious snacks) Harry hides under the floorboards of his room so as not to be discovered by Dudley, who is now the size of a “killer whale.”

Unexpectedly, a letter arrives from Mr. Weasley, Ron’s father, inviting Harry to the Quidditch World Cup. Uncle Vernon, who hates everything magic, is about to refuse Harry the pleasure of attending, until Harry threatens to write his godfather, Sirius Black, about being mistreated. Ron and the other Weasleys send Harry a note (via their skittish new owl named “Pig”) saying that they would be coming to collect Harry for the Quidditch World Cup no matter if the “muggles” liked it or not. Harry sends a note in reply saying that he has permission from his aunt and uncle, and then follows it up with a note to Sirius about his painful scar. Meanwhile, Harry pulls up the floorboard in his room and eats a large chunk of birthday cake that has just arrived from his friends.

Chapter 4 Summary

The next day, Harry packs his Hogwarts school trunk and waits for the arrival of the Weasleys. Just the thought of the Weasleys arrival make the Dursleys nervous and grumpy.  To try to look intimidating, Uncle Vernon put on his best suit, but Dudley looked diminished because of fright (Hagrid once gave Dudley a pig's tail through magic). After Uncle Vernon asks, Harry realizes that he has no idea how the Weasleys would be traveling. The arrival time of five o’clock comes and goes. The Weaselys are late in picking Harry up; therefore, Uncle Vernon gets irate as he thinks they would insist on staying for dinner. Suddenly, Dudley runs into the room frightened to the core. There are strange clanking sounds coming from the Dursley’s old, boarded-up fireplace. Suddenly Harry hears the Weasleys clamoring for more room behind the boards and calling Harry’s name to help them out. Harry tries to explain that the Weasleys were traveling by Floo Powder (a method of transportation that allows wizards to travel through fire). Suddenly, the Weasleys burst out of the fireplace, much to the chagrin of Uncle Vernon. The Weasleys help Harry collect his trunk and his other school things before collecting back into the fireplace in order to return to “the Burrow,” which is the name of the Weaselys’ eclectic household. After Mr. Weasley forces Uncle Vernon to say goodbye to Harry, everyone is startled to see Dudley coughing up a “foot-long, purple, slimy thing” that turns out to be his tongue.  It seems that Fred and George Weasley (the most mischievous of the Weasely children) had dropped a toffee inflicted with an “Engorgement Charm.”  As Mr. Weasley tries to convince the Dursleys that he can help Dudley with magic, Harry uses Floo powder to transport to the Burrow.

Chapter 5 Summary

Harry arrives at the Burrow (via the fireplace) with everyone laughing about Fred and George trying a “Ton-Tongue Toffee” on Dudley, everyone that is except Mr. and Mrs. Weasley who get angry at the twins. It turns out that Fred and George had a go at creating their own business called "Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes" that specialized in joke stuff like fake wands and trick sweets. The twins plan to sell much of it at Hogwarts and eventually open a joke shop. Mrs. Weasly is livid over the idea. Ron, Hermione, and Harry settle in to the Burrow as they talk about Percy Weasley’s new obsession with his work at the Ministry of Magic and his boss, Mr. Crouch, who seems to take pride in giving Percy menial tasks. Mr. Weasely and Percy discuss the hierarchy in the Ministry in addition to the new Head of Department named Ludo Bagman and the missing witch named Bertha Jorkins. Ron, Hermione, and Harry get incredibly tired of Percy acting so pompous and important in regards to the Ministry, so they change the subject to the rivalries sure to be present at the Quidditch World Cup. Some of the Weasleys are for Ireland and some are for Bulgaria with its famous player, Viktor Krum.  As the other family members are occupied with other things, Harry tells Ron and Hermione that he, in fact, has heard from Sirius a number of times that summer. The chapter ends with Harry worrying again about his dream as well as everyone feeling the excitement of attending the World Cup.

Chapter 6 Summary

The crew gets up at the break of dawn to start their travels to the Quidditch World Cup. At breakfast, Harry finds out that a wizard has to pass a special test in order to get permission to Apparate (the preferred, quickest method of wizard transportation). They discuss the disgusting possibility of getting “splinched,” or leaving half of yourself behind (leading to some nasty results). Fred and George are in trouble again for having more of their joke candies in hand. Mrs. Weasley is beside herself with anger. Still, the rest of the lot sets off at a brisk pace looking for a “portkey,” or an everyday object that allows witches and wizards to travel long distances together. While looking for the portkey, the group meets one of the kids’ classmates from school: Cedric Diggory and his father. Cedric himself is the captain and seeker of the Hufflepuff House Quidditch Team at Hogwarts. Amos, Cedric Diggory’s father, is as amazed as anyone else at meeting the “famous” Harry Potter who all but annihilated Voldemort with his own spell. Amos is very proud of his son for beating the Griffindor Quidditch team (on which Harry is the seeker), telling Cedric, “That’ll be something to tell your grandchildren, that will. . . . You beat Harry Potter!” When it was time to go, the group touched the portkey (“a manky old boot”) and they were swirled and jerked through time and space before slamming onto the ground. The group had arrived at the Quidditch World Cup!

Chapter 7 Summary

The group arrives on a deserted moor, only to walk a little further and discover hundreds and hundreds of tents containing thousands of witches and wizards eager to attend the Quidditch World Cup. The “site manager” is a muggle named Mr. Roberts who continually has to have his memory modified in order to keep him from knowing about this magical encounter. As Harry and friends walk among the tents, Harry notices that most of them look fairly normal (except for the occasional chimney and weather vane). When they arrive at the Weasley campsite, Harry is incredibly excited (never having been camping with wizards before), but he is surprised when the group erects what looks like a pair of shabby two-man tents. As Harry ducks his head to enter, he is shocked that the two tiny tents looked just like full-size apartments inside. Seeing that the group left the Burrow before dawn, it is now early morning and the wizarding folk already there for the World Cup are just beginning to rise and begin their day.  Sent out to get water, the friends have a look around the camp.  First, they come to a large group of tents that are stunningly green: all fans of the Irish World Cup team.  Later, they come to the Bulgarian area where everything is white, green, red, and adorned with the same poster of their star player: Viktor Krum (who Hermione says looks very “grumpy”). Ron is starstruck by Viktor Krum’s genius on the Quidditch field. The group meets up with some classmates from Hogwarts as well as some other students from other magical wizarding schools around the globe.  When they return, Mr. Weasley is having fun with muggle matches and trying desperately to light a fire. Suddenly, Ludo Bagman arrives, sporting the colors of yellow and black from when he used to play Quidditch for England. Mr. Weasley introduces his family to Bagman. Bagman, of course, does a double take when Mr. Weasley introduces Harry Potter, but proceeds fairly rapidly trying to get them to bet on a winner of the match. Percy is astounded when Bagman finds and loves one of the twins’ fake wands, accepting it as a wager. Bagman and Weasley begin discussing the disappearance of Bertha Jorkins again.  Suddenly, Barty Crouch appears, wearing a stiff suit and tie and looking very opposite of Bagman. The twins have a laugh when they find that Percy, who has been spending his time bragging about his good working relationship with Crouch, is actually hardly noticed and even called “Weatherby.” In the conversation, the two let slip that something important is going to be happening at Hogwarts this year. Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione escape to buy some exciting Quidditch World Cup souvenirs.  Suddenly, there is a loud “gong” calling for everyone to approach the field: the Quidditch World Cup is about to begin.

Chapter 8 Summary

The entire group walks to the Quidditch World Cup stadium amid shouts of excitement from everyone. They climb the rich purple stairs to the very highest point of the stadium to a small box situated directly in between the two goals. As Harry tears his eyes away from a very drawing advertisement across the field, he notices a house elf similar to Dobby (the house elf that Harry once set free) sitting in the row behind him. She introduces herself as “Winky,” and says that because Dobby now wants pay for his house-elf services, he can no longer find work. Winky turns out to be Barty Crouch’s house elf who was assigned to save him a seat at the match.

Meanwhile, the group looks forward to the mascot display before the match as Cornelius Fudge,the Minister of Magic, arrives and greets Harry like an old friend (much to the chagrin of Percy).  Unfortunately, Lucius and Draco Malfoy, father and son enemies of Harry Potter, are sitting right behind the group during the match. Lucius Malfoy and Arthur Weasley exchange forced pleasantries. Suddenly, Ludo Bagman (also seated in the box) begins the match with a spell that allows his voice to carry over the entire stadium.

The first team mascots introduced are the Bulgarians who had proudly brought many “Veela” to delight the spectators. The Veela are an extremely beautiful race of women with moon-bright skin who make men’s minds go “completely and blissfully blank” when they dance, calling to the men like sirens. The second team mascots were for the Irish, tiny Leprechauns who raced into the stadium like green comets. Next came the teams themselves, the Bulgarians featuring their star player: Viktor Krum. 

The vivacity of the match was unparalleled in Harry’s eyes. Ireland makes the first few goals, and the match gets faster and more brutal. Bulgaria finally scores and the seekers make a fake play for the still non existent golden snitch. The game gets even more brutal and even the mascots begin fighting with each other, the Veela turning into fire-throwing birds with scaly wings.  Even though Harry and the gang were rooting for Ireland, both he and Ron were the most entranced by the Bulgarian, Viktor Krum.  Meanwhile, as the Irish seeker (Lynch) crashes into the ground again, Krum catches the snitch, but the points are stacked against Bulgaria, so Ireland wins. 

Because Cornelius Fudge happened to be sitting in the top box, all attention is directed there as the Quidditch Cup is awarded to the Irish team. 

Chapter 9 Summary

The excited crowds from the quidditch match return to their campsites to celebrate. Harry, Hermione, Ron and the Weasleys all fall asleep to the sound of raucous celebration. Just as Harry is having a nice dream about being the seeker winning the Quidditch Cup, Mr. Weasley is jerking everyone awake, saying that they all have to leave immediately. As Harry steps out of the tent, he notices that everyone seems to be fleeing. Suddenly, Harry notices a masked and hooded group of wizards marching along eerily, acting as puppeteers of the muggle campsite manager and his family who were floating above the masked figures. Mr. Weasley tells the kids to stick together as he vows to “help the Ministry,” leaving the children to make their own way to the safety of the woods. They meet up with Malfoy who looks totally relaxed. They decide that Malfoy’s dad just might be one of the masked figures. Harry loses his wand and the friends notice Winky, the house elf, running for cover but being held back by an invisible force. Hermione gets angry at elf treatment and vows to do something about it. 

The group makes it to the woods and finds Ludo Bagman looking pale and worried before dissaparating into thin air. Suddenly, they get to a clearing and hear a wizard shouting a spell that puts a strange marking of green into the air. The huge marking is shaped like a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth. Screaming ensues, and Hermione warns that the skull was “the Dark Mark” calling Voldemort’s followers together. Barty Crouch, Arthur Weasley and the others from the Ministry of Magic arrive and Crouch accuses Harry and his gang for conjuring the Dark Mark, . . . until Winky is found unconscious on the ground with Harry’s wand making Crouch and Harry look responsible. Winky is revived and admits finding the wand but denies conjuring the Dark Mark, but Harry’s wand that she holds reveals it to be the last spell cast. Crouch insists on dealing with Winky himself, which would not be the usual course of events (and casts a bit of suspicion on the very important Crouch). Harry is given his wand back as Hermione rails on about the treatment of Winky. 

As the group gets back to the tent, Mr. Weasley talks about how the Dark Mark was seen each time the Death Eaters killed someone: everyone’s worst fear realized. The Death Eaters turn out to be Voldemort’s followers, the masked men who were marching through the camp and puppeting the muggles; however, it seems that this time the Dark Mark actually scared them away because all of the followers had denied the Dark Lord in order to return to daily live (and escape Azkaban prison). Harry lies awake in the tent worrying about the night’s events. 

Chapter 10 Summary

After only sleeping a few hours, the group packs up their tents with the use of magic and hurries off to the portkeys to journey home. Mrs. Weasley is incredibly relieved to see all of them. She darts at them waving a very biased article written by Rita Skeeter of The Daily Prophet. The terror at the Quidditch World Cup is turning out to be a large bit of trouble for the Ministry of Magic. Mr. Weasley leaves immediately for the Ministry and Harry anxiously asks if Hedwig had brought any sign of a letter from Sirius. Harry finally tells Ron and Hermione about his scar hurting, only to receive the exact reactions he had expected.

In the upcoming days, Mr. Weasley lets everyone know that the Ministry is in...

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Chapter 11 Summary

The next day begins with Mr. Weasley getting an urgent message from the Ministry of Magic. He has been summoned to help Mad-Eye Moody (who used to be an Auror for the Ministry) because he used magic in front of muggles when he thought he heard an intruder enter his yard. Ironically, the way Mr. Weasley was told was through Amos Diggory’s head floating in the fireplace (which turns out to be a method of wizard communication). In the conversation, we learn that many think very highly of Mad-Eye Moody, including Dumbledore himself. Considering Mad-Eye was an Auror at one time, his life was full of catching bad wizards and, as a result, trusts no one anymore and “sees dark wizards everywhere.”

Harry and his friends...

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Chapter 12 Summary

The friends enter Hogwarts and immediately get pelted with water balloons by Peeves, the poltergeist, as Professor McGonagall (the headmistress of Gryffindor house) puts him back in line. It is not long before they are sitting at the house tables, discussing the lack of a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, and listening to the Sorting Hat sing about the different houses of Hogwarts.

The first years, wet to the gills from crossing the lake on boats, are sorted into their houses. They all dig in to eat the feast placed before them; however, Hermione is appalled to learn that all of the food at Hogwarts are cooked by house elves. Hermione continues to be disgusted by the treatment of the elves, and vows not to eat...

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Chapter 13 Summary

The friends discuss their new Hogwarts classes for the year just in time for the first mail delivery by owl post. They head to Herbology where Professor Sprout has them squeeze pus from plants called bubotubers (a very disgusting task). Harry is so incredibly happy to see Hagrid again. Hagrid is the groundskeeper at Hogwarts who has had a big heart for Harry from the very beginning of Harry's experience there. However, Harry could do without the new magical creature they would be learning about in Hagrid's class this term: Blast-Ended Skrewts. These are magical creatures that look like lobsters and smell like low tide while they sting and burn people as people approach them. What an opposite to Professor Trelawney’s class where...

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Chapter 14 Summary

Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin classes the next day with a discussion about how Snape is probably jealous of Mad-Eye Moody because Snape has always wanted to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. As class begins, Mad-Eye Moody (with his one magical eye rolling in his head) tells the class to put their books away because they won’t need them. Then he shocks the class even more when he actually demonstrates the three Unforgiveable Curses on spiders for all of the students to see. Harry is the most disturbed by the effects of the Avada Kedavra curse because that is the particular spell that Voldemort used to kill his parents and is always accompanied by a “blinding flash of green light.” All of the students leave class with...

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Chapter 15 Summary

Harry wakes up early the next day with a great plan. Harry tells Sirius the idea in a new letter. Harry tells Sirius not to worry about him because his scar does not hurt anymore, and therefore there is no need to come back and protect him. Harry does not want Sirius in danger in any way (especially not for his own sake). Harry sends Hedwig with the letter immediately.

In Mad-Eye Moody’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class, the students are shocked when Moody announces that he will be using the Imperius Curse on every single student in order for them to learn how to get rid of it. The only student who is able to resist the curse is Harry himself. Even Mad-Eye Moody is impressed by this.

Meanwhile, the...

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Chapter 16 Summary

Ron and Harry are in awe of Durmstrang’s Viktor Krum. Ron cannot help ogling at the famous Quidditch Cup player. Ron is even further taken aback when he finds out that one of the ladies from Beauxbatons is a Veela (the magical girls that held all the men’s attention on the sidelines of the Quidditch World Cup).

The students from the three wizard schools share a great feast together and, finally, Dumbledore explains the rules of the Triwizard Tournament. Everyone is amazed when Dumbledore reveals a great goblet of fire exhibiting blue flames. It turns out that the goblet, and not a person, is the “impartial judge” that Dumbledore spoke of at the beginning of the school year. It is this goblet of fire that will be...

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Chapter 17 Summary

Harry stands speechless as his name is revealed. He feels all of the eyes of Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons staring at him. Harry tries to insist that he did not put his name in the goblet, but no one seems to believe him. Terrified, he walks to the back room with the other school champions. The other three champions are just as surprised as Harry at his appearance. They insist that there must be some kind of mistake in the matter. There is great controversy about Harry’s appearance from the goblet. Not only is Harry underage, but he is also suspected of possibly cheating. Dumbledore calmly asks Harry if he put his name in the goblet. Harry insists that he did not. Dumbledore, again, calmly asks Harry if he asked another...

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Chapter 18 Summary

Harry immediately writes another letter through owl post to Sirius in regards to the strange happenings of the night before and how Harry’s name popped out of the Goblet of Fire. Harry and Ron both remain angry with each other: Harry still feeling betrayed and Ron still not believing that Harry is telling the truth.

The rest of Hogwarts is as angry at Harry as Ron is. In fact, there is a group (headed by Malfoy of course) that wears an insulting button that reads “Potter Stinks.” Rude comments simply do not subside and Harry is unable to find an escape from the mayhem. It makes things worse when Harry is whisked upstairs right during Snape’s Potions class for a photo shoot with the other champions by none...

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Chapter 19 Summary

Poor Harry is beside himself at Hogwarts once Rita Skeeter actually publishes her article in the Daily Prophet. Skeeter has hardly even mentioned the other thee champions and focuses only on Harry Potter. This, of course, inflames the hatred of Harry from other members of Hogwarts.

The first Triwizard Tournament task is fast approaching; therefore, suddenly Harry gets an urgent message from Hagrid to meet with him at midnight to see something very important. Under the guise of Harry’s old invisibility cloak, Harry follows Hagrid and Madam Maxime around the grounds of Hogwarts only to discover a scene that makes him stop dead in his tracks: huge dragons have been brought to Hogwarts to make up the first Triwizard...

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Chapter 20 Summary

Harry and Hermione do lots of research to try and find out how to defeat a dragon in this tournament. Harry is even nice enough to give Cedric a hint about the task (because somehow the other champions have all found out about the dragons as well). Mad-Eye Moody catches Harry sharing this information. Just as Harry thinks he is going to be in big trouble, Mad-Eye Moody actually gives Harry another hint to help him in the contest: Moody simply tells Harry to play “to his strengths.” Harry knows that his big strength is flying on his broom during Quidditch games; therefore, perhaps summoning his broom would be enough for Harry to outwit and defeat his dragon. Hermione helps Harry learn a difficult Summoning Spell so that Harry...

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Chapter 21 Summary

Harry and Sirius seem to be communicating a lot lately because Harry writes Sirius yet another huge letter telling his godfather all about the Hungarian Horntail dragon that Harry defeated in the first Triwizard Tournament task. Harry is the happiest guy in the world now with Ron back on his side; therefore, Harry is not bothered much anymore by the “Potter Stinks” buttons or the comments from other students. Harry is extremely upset, however, when he finds Rita Skeeter snooping about Hogwarts grounds, even interviewing Hagrid. Both Harry and Hermione are worried that Rita Skeeter will most certainly twist everything Hagrid says.

On the house-elf front, Hermione urges both Harry and Hermione down to the kitchens...

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Chapter 22 Summary

Christmas is coming, and an announcement is made at Hogwarts that a spectacular Yule Ball will be held this year in honor of the three schools attending the Triwizard Tournament. Harry and Ron, however, are mortified at having to ask a girl to this dance. It is even worse for Harry, however, because the champions actually have to open the Yule Ball with the first dance. As the school gets decorated for Christmas, Harry notices that the decorations are far more spectacular than they have ever been in the past most likely to impress the guests from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. In regards to procuring a date, Harry has had a crush on Cho Chang ever since he saw her from afar at the Quidditch World Cup. She is Harry’s first choice;...

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Chapter 23 Summary

The night of the Yule Ball lurks ever closer, and Ron is beside himself with trying to find out who Hermione is going with. Meanwhile, Harry finally gets a letter back from Sirius congratulating Harry on his success in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament with the Hungarian Horntail dragon.

The night of the Yule Ball arrives and Ron is absolutely disgusted. Of course, he is wearing the old and ugly dress robes that his mother bought for him secondhand in Diagon Alley. To make things worse, Ron rips his already horrible dress robes in an effort to remove their revolting lace. The shocker of the night, however, is that Hermione has accepted an invitation to the Yule Ball from none other than Viktor Krum. Both...

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Chapter 24 Summary

Christmas has concluded with Harry getting extremely nervous about the second task of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry is jealous that Cedric took Cho Chang to the Yule Ball and, therefore, refuses to accept any help from his fellow Triwizard champion.

Confirming Harry’s fears, Harry discovers a horrible article in the Daily Prophet where Rita Skeeter ravages Hagrid with her vicious rumors. Harry is not sure how Skeeter was able to obtain this information, but it seems that Hagrid revealed to Madam Maxime that he was actually half-giant which, in the wizard world, is not something you would want proclaimed publicly.

The next surprise is that on an upcoming trip to Hogsmead Village, Ludo Bagman...

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Chapter 25 Summary

Harry sets off to determine the secret behind the golden egg. He decides to use the Prefect’s bathroom because he figures it will be the least occupied. He also gets some unintended advice from Moaning Myrtle (the ghost who still inhabits the Prefect’s bathroom) as she spies on Harry from the sidelines. She suggests that Harry submerge the egg in the water. Harry does so and hears some eerie voices echoing from inside the egg. Through their song, Harry learns that something he loves will be taken from him and kept at the bottom of the lake. Harry’s task will be to retrieve that item in time. This involves Harry having to figure out how to breathe under the water.

On his way back to Gryffindor Common Room, Harry...

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Chapter 26 Summary

The three friends do some more extensive research to find out exactly how Harry could breathe underwater for the entirety of the second task. They become more and more desperate as time goes on because they have found nothing that can help. The night before, Harry frantically searches books until he falls asleep with his research. He awakens the next morning to find Dobby close beside him, handing Harry a handful of what looked like a very slimy plant. The plant turns out to be gillyweed. Dobby insists that this plant will help Harry breath underwater.

Harry almost misses the beginning of the second task due to his tardiness. Harry puts his faith in Dobby and eats the slimy gillyweed and is surprised to find that he...

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Chapter 27 Summary

Ron truly enjoys the aftermath of the second Triwizard Tournament task because he is getting to share in Harry’s limelight for once. Of course, Ron exaggerates the story a bit in order to make himself seem like a hero (instead of simply being under a bewitched sleep). Rita Skeeter’s notoriety continues as she goes out on a limb to publish a misguided story revealing the love relationship between Harry and Hermione (which, of course, does not exist). Hermione is also accused of toying with Viktor Krum’s affections. The possibility is raised of Hermione making a love potion in order to achieve this affection. Hermione is furious as well as perplexed as to how Rita Skeeter is obtaining all of this supposedly secret information....

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Chapter 28 Summary

Hermione begins to receive angry letters via owl post because of the horrible article by Rita Skeeter. Some of the young wizards who write the letters are really hateful, especially one that sends her to the hospital wing after causing Hermione’s hands to hurt because of the magical sores the letter inspired. Hermione vows to find out how Rita Skeeter is spying on people to obtain this erroneous information about the witches and wizards at Hogwarts.

Ironically, Harry and the other Triwizard champions are asked to meet on the Quidditch field at Hogwarts to find out some pertinent information about the last task. Harry is amazed to find out how different the Quidditch field looks, for it is full of an eerie hedge maze:...

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Chapter 29 Summary

Harry tells Ron and Hermione all about what happened by the Forbidden Forest and the strange behavior of Barty Crouch. Everyone gets extra worried when they figure out that Crouch was the most coherent when he was speaking about Voldemort. Harry insists that Voldemort is getting stronger. Hermione suggests that Harry find Mad-Eye Moody to get his take on the situation. Mad-Eye Moody insists that Harry get ready for the task in the maze and to learn some defensive spells to help him in the last Triwizard task. Meanwhile, Sirius writes an angry letter to Harry via owl post about the dangers of walking around Hogwarts campus alone, especially with someone like Viktor Krum.

Even though Harry has never been a fan of...

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Chapter 30 Summary

As Harry enters Dumbledore’s office, Cornelius Fudge immediately greets Harry Potter a lot more amiably than one might expect. Fudge, Moody, and Dumbledore were about to leave on “an investigation of the grounds” of Hogwarts. Dumbledore asks Harry to wait in the office until they get back. Harry says hello to Dumbledore’s phoenix named Fawkes and then simply glances around the room seeing what he can see: the sorting hat, the portraits of the old professors, and the sword of Godric Gryffindor. However, what captures his attention most of all is a shallow stone basin filled with something that seemed neither liquid or gaseous. As Harry bends over to take a closer look, the contents of the basin begin swirling very fast, and...

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Chapter 31 Summary

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and Harry spends all of his leisure time learning defensive spells in order to do well in the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry feels fairly confident until Rita Skeeter strikes again with yet another story in the Daily Prophet. Harry is shocked to read that Skeeter knew Harry had collapsed with a hurting scar in Divination class, describing Harry in the title as “Disturbed and Dangerous.” Hermione is incredibly angry, but suddenly has an epiphany about how Rita Skeeter might be obtaining her information. As usual, Hermione runs immediately to the library to do some research. Harry and Ron simply sit at the breakfast table looking confused.

Because of Harry’s...

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Chapter 32 Summary

The two Triwizard champions slam into the ground, realizing the Triwizard Cup was most certainly a portkey. The two notice immediately that they are in a graveyard. They have no idea whether this is part of the third task; therefore, their wands are at the ready. Suddenly, a figure approaches and Harry’s scar sears with pain as the figure follows a strange voice of guidance from above and shouts out “Avada Kedavra!” After the flash of green light, Cedric Diggory falls dead beside Harry.

Harry is in shock as Wormtail ties Harry to the grave of Tom Riddle (who is Voldemort’s true father). Wormtail works diligently on a potion in a cauldron and drops a horrible looking creature (the unformed Voldemort) inside....

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Chapter 33 Summary

Voldemort is thrilled by his new-found body. He examines it closely and even caresses his new flesh. Voldemort finally calls Wormtail over (who thinks that Voldemort is going to heal his stump of an arm). Ironically, the reason why Voldemort called Wormtail this time is to point a wand at the Dark Mark somehow tattooed on Wormtail’s other arm in order to call all of his loyal Death Eaters to his side. Harry, of course, is still tied to the grave of Tom Riddle amid all of these horrifying creatures with his head still searing with pain. The Death Eaters all come cowering and groveling to Voldemort, even kissing his robes in submission. Voldemort is disappointed in most every one of the Death Eaters. Voldemort claims that Wormtail...

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Chapter 34 Summary

Harry bravely duels with Voldemort even though Harry has lost most hope that he will ever survive this duel with the most powerful dark wizard the world has ever known. At one point, Harry hides behind a gravestone until he realizes that he does not want to die a coward. Bravely, Harry stands back up to face Voldemort. Both Harry and Voldemort shout spells at the same time. When the two spells meet, something truly mysterious happens: a long strand of light connects the two wands. Both Harry and Voldemort are shocked at this turn of events, but Harry refuses to break this strange wand connection. Both Harry and Voldemort are levitated above the ground by the power of their wands (both still connected by the stream of light)....

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Chapter 35 Summary

Harry is immediately slammed to the ground at the beginning of the maze both with Cedric’s body and with the Triwizard Cup. Harry refuses to open his eyes for a long while, hearing footsteps and whispers all around him. Dumbledore flies to Harry’s side while Harry whispers that Voldemort is back. The entire crowd of onlookers of the Triwizard Tournament is shocked when they realize that Cedric Diggory is dead. Dumbledore must leave Harry in order to deflect Mr. Diggory, who is running towards them to see what has happened to his son.

Suddenly, Mad-Eye Moody is ushering Harry up to his office. Moody questions Harry about what happened. Harry learns that Mad-Eye Moody (or the creature inhabiting Mad-Eye) has been the...

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Chapter 36 Summary

Dumbledore immediately uses his wand to summon ropes binding Barty Crouch Jr. Dumbledore then takes Harry back to his office where Sirius is waiting to greet his godson. Harry is still in shock, so Dumbledore tells all that he knows to Sirius, but then needs to ask Harry about what happens after touching the portkey. Sirius begs for Dumbledore to allow Harry some rest, but Dumbledore asks Harry to share everything he knows with Sirius. Harry feels as though he will be unable to do so until Fawkes (Dumbledore’s phoenix) lands on his knee and give Harry encouragement. Harry tells the entire tale, but is unable to speak after revealing the wand connection. Dumbledore inserts some pertinent information here: Voldemort and Harry have...

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Chapter 37 Summary

Harry learns so many things over the next few days that his mind is in a blur. Harry learns that Hagrid and Madam Maxime are planning to alert the giants about the fight with Voldemort. The final feast of the year is really hard for Harry to attend. Cedric Diggory is honored in a grand way, and Dumbledore admits to the school that Voldemort, in fact, has returned even though the Ministry will deny his existence.

It is not long before Harry is on his way back to Kings Cross Station with his friends and finds out a secret Hermione has procured: what Hermione caught by the window at the end of the last chapter was an important thing, indeed. In fact, Hermione had caught Rita Skeeter, who turned out to be an unregistered...

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