Chapter 5 Summary

Fallen Warrior

Harry Potter is concerned about Hagrid after they crash into a pond. Unfortunately, Harry is badly off himself and fades into unconsciousness. When he comes to, Harry finds out that he is being taken care of by Ted and Dromeda Tonks (Nymphadora Tonks’ dad and mom). Harry is glad that Hagrid is okay but feels a bit upset by the appearance of Mrs. Tonks because she looks so much like her sister, the evil Bellatrix Lestrange. Soon both Hagrid and Harry are off to the Burrow via an important Portkey: a hairbrush.

Mrs. Weasley and her daughter, Ginny, meet Harry and Hagrid at the Burrow. They are both beside themselves with worry because Harry and Hagrid are the only two to have...

(The entire section is 511 words.)