Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Chapter 33 Summary

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 33 Summary

The Prince’s Tale

Right after Severus Snape dies, Voldemort’s voice insists that Harry come to him. If Harry does not come or if the others at Hogwarts continue to resist him, everyone will die.

As Harry, Ron, and Hermione reenter the castle, they come upon the Great Hall, which is serving as a sort of hospital. The Weasley family are gathered around Fred’s body. Tonks and Lupin have fallen as well. “Harry reeled backward from the doorway. He could not draw breath. He could not bear to look at any of the other bodies, to see who else had died for him.”

In shock and disbelief, Harry runs to Dumbledore’s old office and pours Snape’s last memory into the Pensieve,...

(The entire section is 532 words.)