Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by J. K. Rowling

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Chapter 32 Summary

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Last Updated on May 5, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 408

The Elder Wand

As the Weasley family grieve over Fred, the battle continues. Percy even clings to Fred’s dead body as Harry finally gets the Weasleys to deposit Fred’s body in a safe place during the battle.

Hermione has to remind everyone that Nagini, the last Horcrux, must be killed. Harry uses his own thoughts to find Voldemort, who is talking to Lucius Malfoy in the Shrieking Shack at Hogsmeade. Voldemort reveals that Harry Potter will seek out his nemesis before the battle ends. Voldemort also protects Nagini with a magical enchantment.

The battle is raging. There is an army of spiders that invade and join the fight. Even Hagrid cannot control them. Giants appear as well, including Hagrid’s half-brother, Grawp. The members of Dumbledore’s Army seem to take each of the invaders in turn.

However, the most serious of the invading elements are the Dementors who swoop in with their cold chill, bereft of happiness. It takes almost all of the Patronuses from Dumbledore’s Army, with Harry's the final one, to get rid of the Dementors.

The battle continues as Harry, Ron, and Hermione run towards the Whomping Willow to access the secret passageway beneath. As they run across the grounds of Hogwarts, they observe loyal student after loyal student fighting against Voldemort’s minions. After being pummeled by the branches of the tree, the three finally access the passageway that leads to the Shrieking Shack.

Hidden under the Invisibility Cloak, the three approach the Shrieking Shack and Harry sees what transpires. Voldemort is questioning Snape about the Elder Wand. The Elder Wand seems to lack power for Voldemort because it is Snape who killed Albus Dumbledore. Voldemort says, “While you live, Severus, the Elder Want cannot be truly mine.” Voldemort ruthlessly summons Nagini to kill Snape.

Harry is confused as to why he feels like he should approach the dying Snape. As Harry approaches, Snape keeps saying “take . . . it . . . take . . . it” to Harry as a horrible gurgling sound comes from his throat. Snape is referring to something “silvery blue” and “something more than bood” leaking from Snape’s mouth, ears, and eyes. It is a memory for Harry to place into Dumbledore’s pensive.

After Harry retrieves the memory in a flask that Hermione conjures for him, Severus Snape asks for Harry to look into his eyes one more time. As soon as Harry’s eyes meet Snape's, Severus Snape dies.

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