Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by J. K. Rowling

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Chapter 24 Summary

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Last Updated on May 5, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 430

The Wandmaker

Devastated over Dobby’s death, Harry insists on digging the grave himself, without the use of magic. Digging Dobby’s grave gives Harry ample time to think and he goes over all of the events of the past day in detail. Harry also figures out that he is now able to block Voldemort’s mind the way that Dumbledore always wanted him to do.

When Harry is finished, everyone comes out to give Dobby a fitting goodbye and burial. Harry ornaments the grave with a beautiful white stone into which Harry engraves, “Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf.”

Back at Shell Cottage, Bill reveals that the Weasleys are all targets now because the Death Eaters know Ron is traveling with them (and is not suffering from spattergroit). Harry wonders whose eye was staring at him through his shard of mirror. He also wonders how he will get Griphook to help him. As a Goblin, Griphook is subject to the usual prejudice of wizards versus magical folk who do not carry wands. Goblins, therefore, are always suspicious of humans.

Even though it is against the “Goblin’s code” to allow illegal access to Gringott's, Griphook is impressed that Harry and Dobby had such a strong bond. Harry has to break into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault at Gringott’s Bank because he is convinced that there is a Horcrux inside. Griphook agrees to at least consider the request because of what he considers to be Harry’s proof of allegiance but does not agree completely at this time.

Next, Harry questions Ollivander about his broken wand. It turns out that it cannot be repaired; however, Ollivander also points out that Draco’s wand and Wormtail’s wand have changed “allegiance” because they were taken from their owners. With Ollivander’s help, Harry figures out that the Elder Wand is real, was stolen by Grindlewald, and finally became Dumbledore’s at Grindlewald’s defeat. The Elder Wand is at Hogwarts, buried with Dumbledore.

Unfortunately, Harry has a vision that Voldemort has beat Harry to Hogwarts. With the knowledge that Dumbledore didn’t want Harry to have the Elder Wand but instead wanted Harry to find the Horcruxes, Harry finally gives in to Voldemort’s thoughts and has another vision.

Voldemort is walking through Hogwarts with Snape, and then Voldemort departs to do something on his own. Voldemort approaches Dumbledore’s grave, opens it, and steals the Elder Wand. Sparks from the Elder Wand fall over the corpse of Dumbledore. The Elder Wand is “ready to serve a new master at last.”

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