Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by J. K. Rowling

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Chapter 22 Summary

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The Deathly Hallows

While Ron and Harry praise Hermione for getting them out of the situation with Xenophilius, Hermione casts new enchantments to protect the three and hopes that Xenophilius wasn’t killed. Hermione purposefully hid Ron from the Death Eaters because, according to the Weasleys, Ron is supposed to be sick in bed with skattergroit. If the Death Eaters did see Ron, they could take it out on Xenophilius, Luna, or the Weasley family.

Harry and Ron argue with Hermione about the truth behind the Deathly Hallows. Ron and Harry are convinced the Deathly Hallows are real. In fact, the ring that was one of Voldemort’s first Horcruxes was passed down from the Peverell family and has the Resurrection Stone in it. Harry now believes that his Invisibility Cloak is the real one. Suddenly Harry “saw himself, possessor of the Hallows, facing Voldemort, whose Horcruxes were no match . . . Neither can live while the other survives. . . . Was this the answer? Hallows versus Horcruxes?”

Harry feels confident that he is descended from the third brother, that James Potter was in possession of the cloak before Harry, and that Dumbledore borrowed the cloak the night James died to check its authenticity before giving it to Harry. In fact, Harry thinks the snitch left to Harry in Dumbledore’s will contains the Resurrection Stone.

However, at this bit of knowledge Harry has an even worse revelation: the Deathly Hallows are what Voldemort wants, especially the Elder Wand. Even though Harry is in the midst of searching for Horcruxes, he knows that he must find the Elder Wand before Voldemort does, but he has no idea where the Elder Wand is.

As Harry gets further lost in his reverie, Ron figures out the password (“Albus”) and is able to tune in to the only radio show telling the truth about what the Order of the Phoenix is doing: Potterwatch. Among other things, the three learn that a few members of the Order have been killed by Death Eaters, that a few friends from Hogwarts are on the run, and that Lupin wants Harry to “follow his instincts, which are good and nearly always right.”

The three friends get completely absorbed in listening to Potterwatch. They learn that Hagrid got in trouble for hosting a “Support Harry Potter” party at Hogwarts; that Fred, Lee, and George are usual guests on the show; and that Xenophilius has been imprisoned. Unfortunately, in Harry’s attempt to listen, he forgets that he isn’t supposed to say Voldemort's name aloud. The second Harry utters the word, their tent is surrounded by Snatchers.

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