Why does Diana Moon Glampers kill Harrison in "Harrison Bergeron"?

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In "Harrison Bergeron," Diana Moon Glampers kills Harrison to prevent him from usurping power and undermining the government's equality policy. Harrison Bergeron is considered a threat to the United States government, and Diana Moon Glampers's job is to incarcerate, kill, and oppress talented individuals like Harrison who threaten the stability of society. After Harrison breaks the law, Glampers performs her role as Handicapper General by shooting and killing him.

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In Kurt Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron," the United States has transformed into a dystopian nation where all citizens are completely equal in all facets of life. Talented, beautiful, and intelligent citizens are forced to wear various handicaps that limit their abilities, conceal their beauty, and suppress their ability to think. The woman in charge of assuring that every above-average civilian is wearing their handicaps and complying with America's policy of total equality is the Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers. Glampers is the story's antagonist and is dedicated to suppressing individuality and creating a completely uniform society. She and her agents oppress, incarcerate, and kill talented civilians whose advanced abilities supposedly threaten the stability of the United States.

The agents of the Handicapper General also have the authority to fine citizens who purposely attempt to remove or lighten their handicaps. George Bergeron mentions that he served a two-year prison sentence for removing lead balls from his own handicap bag, which is intended to limit his physical strength and mobility, and that he paid a two-thousand-dollar fine for every ball he removed.

In the story, George's son, the physically impressive fourteen-year-old genius Harrison Bergeron, escapes from prison, breaks into a television studio, and tears off his handicaps. After declaring himself the Emperor, he chooses a ballerina, removes her handicaps, and floats with her into the air. As Harrison and his Empress are suspended in midair, Diana Moon Glampers enters the studio wielding a double-barreled shotgun and kills them both.

Diana Moon Glampers kills Harrison Bergeron because he embodies individualism and is considered a threat to society. Harrison is an extremely gifted individual who jeopardizes the social order by declaring himself Emperor and removing his own and others' handicaps. He also broke the law by escaping from jail, where he was being "held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government." Diana Moon Glampers therefore shoots Harrison Bergeron to prevent him from usurping power, inciting rebellion, and undermining the government's policy regarding equality.

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