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1. Compare Harris and Me to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in one of the following ways: a) as books that appeal to young and old readers alike; b) how children are in conflict with the world of adults; c) similarities and differences in the relationships of Tom Sawyer with Huck Finn and Harris with Me; and d) childhood as a time of freedom and adventure.

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2. Using Harris and Me and Beetles, Lightly Toasted, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, develop a definition of a comic novel.

3. Compare the animal characters in Harris and Me with the animals characters in Hatchet, another novel by Paulsen.

4. Mark Twain says of Tom Sawyer, "He would be President, yet, if he escaped hanging." Apply Twain's observation to Harris and write a character sketch of him.

5. Collect a dozen metaphors that the narrator uses to describe his reactions to his experiences. Use them to write a character sketch of Me.

6. Imagine that Harris and Me are reunited for a second summer. Imitating Paulsen's style, write their first adventure.

7. Agree or disagree with the following statement: "The main appeal of the book is the ability to experience vicarious adventures that no real adolescent could have."

8. Read Paulsen's Hatchet, which is about Brian Robeson's survival in the wilderness, during which he comes to know the animals who inhabit the woods. Compare Harris and Me's relationships with barnyard creatures to Brian's relationship with wilderness animals.

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