Harp of a Thousand Strings Characters

H. L. Davis


(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Melancthon Crawford

Melancthon Crawford, an American trader and one of the men who names a Western town. A slave of the Tripolitan pirates, he escapes with two companions, returns to America, founds a trading post, and makes a small fortune. Because of his eccentricities, his relatives return him to Pennsylvania as an old man, thus making sure he will not give away the money they hope to inherit from him.

Commodore Robinette

Commodore Robinette (ro-bee-NEHT), a former slave with Crawford. He turns out to be a philanderer and ends up as a fugitive from the authorities for participation in an insurrection.


Apeyahola, called Indian Jory, a Creek Indian. He is Crawford’s other companion in the escape from Tripoli. He ends up as a fugitive from the law after killing a man in Georgia.

Jean-Lambert Tallien

Jean-Lambert Tallien (zhah[n]-lahm-BEHR tahl-LYA[N]), a man who tells his story to the three escaping Americans in Tripoli as they hide in a warehouse. He was once a leader in the French Revolution but has fallen because of a woman.

The Marquis de Bercy

The Marquis de Bercy (deh behr-SEE), benefactor of Tallien while the latter is a young man.

Anne-Joseph Théroigne


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