Harold Laski Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Studies in the Problem of Sovereignty (nonfiction) 1917

Authority in the Modern State (nonfiction) 1919

The Foundations of Sovereignty, and Other Essays (essays) 1922

A Grammar of Politics (nonfiction) 1925

Communism (nonfiction) 1927

Liberty in the Modern State (nonfiction) 1930

Democracy in Crisis (nonfiction) 1933

The State in Theory and Practice (nonfiction) 1935

The Rise of European Liberalism (nonfiction) 1936

Parliamentary Government in England (nonfiction) 1938

The Danger of Being a Gentleman, and Other Essays (essays) 1939

The American Presidency (nonfiction) 1940

Is This An Imperialist War? (essay) 1940

Where Do We Go From Here? (nonfiction) 1940

Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time (nonfiction) 1943

Faith, Reason, and Civilization (nonfiction) 1944

The American Democracy (nonfiction) 1949

The Dilemma of Our Times (essay) 1952