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Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


Deane, Herbert A. "Bibliography." In The Political Ideas of Harold Laski, pp. 346-59. New York: Columbia University Press, 1955.

Selected bibliography divided into three sections: books, articles, pamphlets, and speeches by Laski; works Laski edited, translated, or introduced; and books and articles about him.

Kramnick, Isaac and Barry Sheerman. "Select Bibliography." In Harold Laski: A Life on the Left, pp. 636-54. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1993.

Devoted chiefly to books by, about, or relating to Laski; with a listing of manuscript collections and other documents, as well as a relatively short list of Laski-related articles.


Eastwood, Granville. Harold Laski. London: Mowbrays, 1977, 173 p.

A presentation of Laski in a personal light, with chapter titles such as "Teacher and Friend" and "Family Man." This volume also includes a foreword by then-Prime Minister and Labour Party leader James Callaghan.

Kampelman, Max. "Harold J. Laski: A Current Analysis." The Journal of Politics 10, No. 1 (February 1948): 131-54.

A critical review of eighteen months in Laski's "politically productive life," from June 1944 through January 1946: his writings, his public statements, and his actions.

Kramnick, Isaac. "Our Harold." The New Republic 209, No. 23 (December 6, 1993): 21-22.

A profile of Laski's writings for The New Republic during the 1920s and 1930s.

Martin, Kingsley. Harold Laski (1893-1950): A Biographical Memoir. London: Victor Gollancz, 1953, 287 p.

Definitive biography of Laski, for which the author conducted interviews with Justice Felix Frankfurter and many others close to Laski.

Strachey, John. "Laski." In The Strangled Cry and Other Unparliamentary Papers, pp. 196-200. London: Bodley Head, 1962.

British socialist Strachey recalls the five-year period, just prior to World War II, when he and Laski worked with publisher Victor Gollancz on the Left Book Club.


Canavan, Francis. "The Polity of Discussion and the Discussion of Polity: Bagehot and Laski." In Freedom of Expression: Purpose As Limit, pp. 101-123. Durham, N. C: Carolina Academic Press, 1984.

An examination of contributions to the literature of free speech and a free press made by Laski and Walter Bagehot, a liberal of the Victorian era.

Coker, F. W. "As Laski Sees Us." The...

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