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Book III, Chapters 1-2: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. The title of Chapter 1 refers back to which other chapter title, and why?

2. At first Louisa has an impression that all the events of her life since leaving her childhood room are like what?

3. What does Louisa allow her sister to do?

4. What kind of look does Louisa’s father have on his face?

5. What does Gradgrind say about himself with special earnestness, and that Dickens gives him credit for believing?

6. What is the belief that Mr. Gradgrind says he has never shared but that now he must consider afresh?

7. Why does Harthouse keep ringing his bell all night for the hotel porter?

8. Where does Harthouse look for Louisa?

9. Why does Harthouse, telling himself that “it may be as well to be in training,” order a steak dinner?

10. Of what does Harthouse admit to having taken advantage?

1. The title of Book 3, Chapter 1 refers to the novel’s first chapter, “The One Thing Needful”; the facts that Mr. Gradgrind had there extolled as the one thing needful will not serve now. The “other thing” may be the...

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