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Book II, Chapters 4-5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Dickens find notably lacking in the meeting of the Coketown workers?

2. The man who, in Slackbridge’s speech, “deserts his post, and sells his flag,” refers to whom?

3. A “strong voice” in the meeting hall calls for what?

4. Blackpool makes no complaint about being made into an outcast but asks that he be allowed just one thing. What thing is that?

5. Who during the meeting feels “more sorry than indignant” toward Blackpool?

6. What does Slackbridge, acting like “fugleman” (a drill sergeant) call for as soon as Stephen leaves the meeting hall?

7. What are Mr. Bounderby’s first words to Stephen, and why do they fall “rudely and discordantly” on his ears?

8. About what does Stephen say he is as sorry as Bounderby?

9. How does Stephen manage to most exasperate Bounderby?

10. Why does Stephen object to Bounderby’s talk of imprisoning Slackbridge and other leaders like him?

1. Dickens points...

(The entire section is 309 words.)