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Book I, Chapter 16: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. The “deadly statistical recorder” in Gradgrind’s study refers to what?

2. When is Louisa, for the first time, a little shaken in the reserved composure she adopts on her wedding day?

3. What does Mrs. Sparsit prefer that Mr. Bounderby call the “terms” (salary) of her employment?

4. What sort of factual knowledge do the wedding guests bring to the Gradgrind-Bounderby wedding feast?

5. Mrs. Sparsit says she has long been under the necessity of “eating the bread of dependence”; what in fact is her favorite supper dish?

6. What precaution does Mr. Bounderby take before communicating to Mrs. Sparsit the news of his upcoming marriage?

7. What horrific image does Mrs. Sparsit’s operation with a scissors on a piece of cambric suggest to Dickens?

8. Where are Louisa and Bounderby going on their honeymoon, and what does Bounderby look forward to finding out when they get there?

9. Mrs. Sparsit accepts her new position at the bank, after assuring herself of what one thing?

10. Louisa and Bounderby are married in a church with what distinctive architectural feature?

1. The phrase, part of another...

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