Hard Times Book III, Chapters 1-2: Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Book III, Chapters 1-2: Summary and Analysis

Chapter 1: Another Thing Needful
Chapter 2: Very Ridiculous

Louisa wakens from a deep sleep. She is in her old room, on her own bed. She feels weak and her head hurts. Her little sister Jane is present. Jane tells Louisa that it was Sissy who had prepared the room and brought her there. Louisa turns her head away; just at this moment, she doesn’t want to hear about Sissy’s kindness and thoughtfulness.

Louisa’s father enters the room and sits down beside her. He speaks to her awhile in uncharacteristically subdued tones, holds her hand, gently rearranges her disordered hair, and then when Louisa no longer replies to his questions quietly leaves the room. His place is...

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