Hard Times Book I, Chapters 5-6: Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Book I, Chapters 5-6: Summary and Analysis

Chapter 5: The Key-Note
Chapter 6: Sleary’s Horsemanship

New Characters:
Mr. E.W.B. Childers: a horse-rider

Master Kidderminster: his son

Emma Gordon: a pregnant member of Sleary’s Circus

Gradgrind and Bounderby walk to Coketown in search of Sissy Jupe’s father. He lives in Pod’s End, a part of town unfamiliar to them both. They stop and look about themselves. Just then Sissy Jupe herself comes into view, running. She is being pursued by Bitzer, the pale boy in her class. Mr. Gradgrind sends Bitzer on his way with a warning and asks Sissy to conduct them to her father’s house.

She leads the way to the Pegasus’...

(The entire section is 610 words.)