Hard Times Book I, Chapters 3-4: Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Book I, Chapters 3-4: Summary and Analysis

Chapter 3: A Loophole
Chapter 4: Mr. Bounderby

New Characters:
Mr. Sleary: owner of “Sleary’s Horse-Riding,” an equestrian circus

Miss Josephine Sleary: his daughter, who performs in the circus

Signor Jupe: Sissy Jupe’s father, who performs with his trained dog, Merrylegs

Mr. Bounderby: a wealthy mill owner and banker

Mrs. Gradgrind: Thomas Gradgrind’s feeble wife

Adam Smith, Malthus, and Jane Gradgrind: the younger sons and infant daughter of Thomas Gradgrind

Mr. Gradgrind walks from his school to his home, Stone Lodge, built on a moor just outside Coketown, a “great town” in Northern...

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