Hard Times Book I, Chapters 14-15: Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Book I, Chapters 14-15: Summary and Analysis

Chapter 14: The Great Manufacturer
Chapter 15: Father and Daughter

The years pass, bringing change to the inhabitants of Gradgrind’s establishment. Gradgrind has been elected to Parliament, as a member for Coketown. Sissy Jupe, through with school (Gradgrind sees no point in her continuing; her performance there has been as consistently disappointing as her services to the family have been appreciated), has been asked to stay on at Stone Lodge under Gradgrind’s protection. Tom, as expected, has gone to work for Mr. Bounderby’s bank. He lives with Bounderby now, working hard during the day but enjoying his evenings. If Bounderby comes on too strong, all he has to do is mention his...

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