Hard Times Book I, Chapters 10-12: Summary and Analysis

Charles Dickens

Book I, Chapters 10-12: Summary and Analysis

Chapter 10: Stephen Blackpool
Chapter 11: No Way Out
Chapter 12: The Old Woman

New Characters:
Stephen Blackpool: one of Bounderby’s “hands”

Rachael: a fellow worker

Stephen’s wife: an unnamed, drunken, sub-human woman

Stephen Blackpool, a weaver in Mr. Bounderby’s cotton mill, stands searching for someone in the crowd of women leaving the factory at the end of the day. He’s a gray-haired man of 40, who speaks in the broad accents of his native Lancashire. His hard life has made him look much older. Just as he’s about to turn away disappointed, he sees a familiar shape ahead of him. It is Rachael, his friend and...

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