Book 3, Chapter 9 Summary

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Last Updated January 12, 2023.

Mr. Bounderby sends Mrs. Sparsit to her relation, Lady Scadgers. Mr. Bounderby dies five years later, still trying to keep up his now-lost pride. Mr. Gradgrind learns about faith, hope, and charity and begins applying them. He clears Stephen’s name and identifies his own son as the true culprit. Rachael continues to work and to care for a poor, drunk woman who comes to town now and then. Tom realizes his loneliness and his sister’s love and dies of a fever, repentant and loving Louisa in return. Sissy marries and teaches her children to wonder and imagine. Louisa discovers her own imagination and innocence and cares for her Coketown neighbors as best she can, trying to “beautify their lives” with delight.

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