Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Almost everything that Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen (GRIHM-uhls-how-zuhn) wrote falls into the category ofnarrative fiction. One exception is a series of annual almanacs published between 1671 and 1675. In addition to this series, Grimmelshausen produced a special type of almanac titled Des Abenteuerlichen Simplicissimi Ewig-währender Calender (1671; the adventurous Simplicissimus’s perpetual calendar). None of the almanacs constitutes a work of major importance, but they remain of interest to literary scholars because they contain a vast amount of information pertaining to the popular culture of the Baroque era. In Des Abenteuerlichen Simplicissimi Ewig-währender Calender, moreover, there is an extensive dialogue between an astrologer and theprotagonist of The Adventurous Simplicissimus that sheds light on certain aspects of the novel’s structure.

One may also find Grimmelshausen’s views on a variety of mundane and spiritual matters in the twenty discussions in the two volumes of Der satyrische Pilgram (1666, 1667; the satiric pilgrim). Although Grimmelshausen wrote but few poems, most of which appear within the context of his novels, his poetry is of a high order, and selections from it are frequently included in anthologies of German verse.