Hans Christian Andersen

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What are some examples of loyalty in "The Snow Queen"?

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The chief example of loyalty in "The Snow Queen" is Gerda, who stays true to Kai even when the shards of glass enter his heart, making him cruel and destructive. When Kai disappears, loyal Gerda does not give up on him. Though everyone is convinced that Kai drowned in the river, Gerda makes inquiries and eventually goes searching for him.

Other examples of loyalty emerge around Gerda. Nature, animals, and even people are drawn to her because of her purity and goodness of heart. When Gerda offers her red shoes to the river in exchange for Kai, another show of loyalty to him, the river indicates to her that he did not drown and sets her off in the right direction. A bush, too, indicates to Gerda that Kai is still alive.

The reindeer and the little robber girl are loyal to Gerda and help her in her quest to find Kai. The little robber girl helps Gerda and the reindeer escape from captivity, so they can go to the Snow Queen's palace and free Kai.

The story shows that innocence has a power that inspires loyalty.

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