Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)
ph_0111204740-Andersen.jpg Hans Christian Andersen Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Hans Christian Andersen’s first publication was a poem in 1828, and his first prose work, a fantasy of a nightly journey titled Fodreise fra Holmens Canal til Østpynten af Amager (1829; a journey on foot from Holman’s canal to the east point of Amager), was an immediate success. He wrote six novels, of which Improvisatoren (1835; The Improvisatore, 1845) securely established his fame. His nine travel books began with En digters bazar (1842; A Poet’s Bazaar, 1846) and mainly concern his European travels. Other works are Billebog uden billeder (1840; Tales the Moon Can Tell, 1855) and I Sverrig (1851; In Sweden, 1852). His autobiographies are Levnedsbogen, 1805-1831 (1926; Diaries of Hans Christian Andersen, 1990), discovered fifty years after his death; Mit Livs Eventyr (1847; The Story of My Life, 1852); and the revised The Fairy Tale of My Life (1855). Other publications include his correspondence, diaries, notebooks and draft material, drawings, sketches, paper cuttings, and plays.