Hanif Kureishi

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Principal Works

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Soaking Up the Heat (drama) 1976

The King and Me (drama) 1980

The Mother Country (drama) 1980

Borderline (drama) 1981

Cinders [adapted from a play by Janusz Glowacki] (drama) 1981

Outskirts (drama) 1981

Tomorrow—Today! (drama) 1981

Birds of Passage (novel) 1983

Outskirts, The King and Me, Tomorrow—Today! (drama) 1983

Mother Courage [adapted from a play by Bertolt Brecht] (drama) 1984

My Beautiful Laundrette (screenplay) 1986

My Beautiful Laundrette and The Rainbow Sign (screenplay and essay) 1986

Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (screenplay) 1987

Sammy and Rosie Get Laid: The Script and the Diary (screenplay) 1988

The Buddha of Suburbia (novel) 1990

London Kills Me (screenplay) 1991

London Kills Me: Three Screenplays and Four Essays (screenplays and essays) 1992

Outskirts and Other Plays (drama) 1992

The Black Album (novel) 1995

The Faber Book of Pop [editor; with Jon Savage] (essay) 1995

Love in a Blue Time (short stories) 1997

My Son the Fanatic (screenplay) 1997

Intimacy (novel) 1998

Midnight All Day (short stories) 1999

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