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Andy Rooney

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Andy Rooney, a naïve, mischievous Irish boy. Eventually, Andy inherits the estate and the title of his father and goes to Parliament.

Mrs. Rooney

Mrs. Rooney, his mother.


Oonah, a cousin of Andy whom he marries.

Squire Edward Egan of Merryvale Hall

Squire Edward Egan of Merryvale Hall, who hires Andy as a stable boy.

Mrs. Egan

Mrs. Egan, his wife.

Murtough Murphy

Murtough Murphy, an attorney and political boss.

Sir Timothy Trimmer

Sir Timothy Trimmer, the aging holder of a political office.

The Honorable Sackville Scatterbrain

The Honorable Sackville Scatterbrain, a candidate for Trimmer’s post.

Lord Scatterbrain

Lord Scatterbrain, Sackville’s uncle, the secret father of Andy, who finally acknowledges him.

Squire O’Grady

Squire O’Grady, of Neck-or-Nothing Hall, a supporter of Scatterbrain.

Gustavus O’Grady

Gustavus O’Grady, his son and heir.


M’Garry, an apothecary who becomes involved in one of Andy’s mistakes and almost causes a duel.

Edward O’Connor

Edward O’Connor, a poet and a brave gentleman. He fatally wounds Squire O’Grady in a duel.

Fanny Dawson

Fanny Dawson, who is in love with O’Connor.

Major Dawson

Major Dawson, Fanny’s father, who dislikes O’Connor.

Mr. Furlong

Mr. Furlong, who is on O’Grady’s side. He is forced to marry Augusta.


Augusta, the daughter of Squire O’Grady, innocently involved with Furlong.

Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan, who tries to blackmail Squire Egan.

Father Phil

Father Phil, Andy’s confessor.

James Casey

James Casey, who fails to turn up for his wedding.

Matty Dwyer

Matty Dwyer, who is in love with Casey.

Jack Dwyer

Jack Dwyer, her father, who will settle for Andy as a son-in-law.

Shan More

Shan More, to whose cave the kidnapped Andy, disguised as Oonah, is taken.


Bridget, Shan’s sister, who takes Andy, disguised as Oonah, to bed with her. The next morning, lamenting her lost honor, she forces Andy to marry her. He is later freed by the discovery that she is already married to a convict. Thus, Andy at last can marry Oonah.

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