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Significantly, “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” begins with the children of the seaside fishing village. They see the drowned man floating ashore; at first they think he is an enemy ship, then a whale. The discovery that he is a drowned man does not dampen their sense of play at all: They proceed, in the beach sand, to bury and dig him up repeatedly. Responsible adults see the drowned man and take over. The village men carry the body to the village, noting that the drowned man is enormously heavy, tall, and encrusted with ocean debris. Even though his face is covered, they know he is a stranger because no man in the village is missing. Instead of going fishing that night, the men leave the body with the women and visit neighboring villages to check if the drowned man belongs to one of them.

The women prepare the body for burial. As they clean off the encrusted vegetation, they observe that the material comes from faraway places. The man’s shredded clothes also indicate a long ocean voyage. The most astounding thing about him, however, once the crust is removed, is his handsome appearance: “Not only was he the tallest, strongest, most virile, and best built man they had ever seen, but even though they were looking at him there was no room for him in their imagination.”

As they sit through the evening sewing new clothes for him and admiring his body, the village women fantasize about the drowned man. They imagine the disturbed sea outside roaring in his honor. They imagine him as the village’s leading man, who has the best house, who makes fish leap out of the sea, and who digs springs and makes the barren cliffs bloom. Most of all, they fantasize...

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"The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World" begins when the children of a small coastal village see an unfamiliar bulge in the sea. When it...

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