The Handmaid's Tale Additional Characters

Margaret Atwood


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As in her previous novels, Atwood has chosen a first-person female narrator for the story of the plight of a state "handmaid" reduced to a...

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The Commander

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The Commander is a powerful figure in the Gileadean government. He is apparently sterile, although this is not confirmed because, according...

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The Commander's Wife

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The Commander's Wife was once Serena Joy, the lead soprano on the Growing Souls Gospel Hour, a television program devoted to telling...

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An old friend who knew the narrator well before the events of this novel take place, at least since college, Moira surfaces several times...

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We never learn the real name of the narrator of this story, although she reveals it to several other characters whom she trusts. She is...

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Nick is the Commander's chauffeur. He is an attractive young man about the narrator's age. He is not allowed to associate with the handmaid,...

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The woman referred to as "Ofglen" in this story is just one of a succession; the narrator knew an Ofglen before her, and at the end of the...

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Other Characters

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Cora is a Martha, the housekeeper in the Commander's household.

Aunt Elizabeth
At the Red Center,...

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