The Handmaid's Tale Chapters 7-12: Summary and Analysis

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 7-12: Summary and Analysis

Chapter 7 - Summary
New Characters:
Moira: Offred's feminist friend from college
Offred's mother: single mother and ardent feminist
Offred's unnamed daughter

Offred lies on her bed, feeling this time is her own; there are no signal bells, nothing to stop her reveries. She can let her thoughts drift back to the happier past.

She recalls working on a term paper, and Moira suggesting they go for a beer, which they do, with Offred’s money.

Then she remembers a demonstration her mother took her to as a child. A crowd of mostly women was throwing magazines on a bonfire. A woman urged Offred to throw a magazine on the fire and she did. She glimpsed at some of the...

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